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The science and research conducted as part of the International Upper Great Lakes Study was essential to support the Study Board's key findings and recommendations.  A list of projects is provided below.  Use the filters provided to help find what you're looking for, and select "View Details" to find more information about projects you are interested in.

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Flooding Impact Analysis

W. F. Baird & Associates;

Analysis undertaken to support flooding performance indicator development and site specific flood impact model at test sites.
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Shore Protection Impact Analysis

Michael Davies; Neil MacDonald, D. Wiebe

Development and application of a shore protection impact evaluation model for the upper Great Lakes
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Erosion Impact Analysis

Geomorphic Solutions; Paul Villard, Jeff Doucette

Activities undertaken by the Coastal Zone TWG to assess the impacts of water levels on erosion of various shoreline types
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Coastal Zone Performance Indicators

Mike Shantz; Eric Tauriainen, Neil MacDonald, Michael Davies, Jeff Doucette

Coastal zone performance indicators developed for four main theme areas: flooding, low water, shore protection, and erosion.
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Coastal Zone Coping Zones

Mike Shantz; Eric Tauriainen

Coastal zone "coping zones" were identified to support Adaptive Management effort
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Coastal Zone Adaptive Management Needs

Mike Shantz; Eric Tauriainen

Identified monitoring & modelling activities to improve baseline information on coastal interests for adaptive management
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Coastal Zone Contextual Narrative

Christian Stewart; Mike Shantz, Eric Tauriainen

Background and characteristics of coastal zone interests and impacts of hydrologic conditions and water management decisions
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Coastal Zone Synthesis and Summary

Mike Shantz; Eric Tauriainen

Summary and framework for the various products developed by the coastal zone group over the course of the IUGLS
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Lake Superior Wild Rice

Jim Meeker;

Water-level regime impacts on wild rice distribution in the Kakagon Sloughs of Lake Superior in Wisconsin.
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Black and Sturgeon Bay Bulrush Marsh

Allan Harris; Rob Foster

Water-level regime impacts on bulrush marsh distribution in Black Bay and Sturgeon Bay, Lake Superior, Ontario.
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