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The science and research conducted as part of the International Upper Great Lakes Study was essential to support the Study Board's key findings and recommendations.  A list of projects is provided below.  Use the filters provided to help find what you're looking for, and select "View Details" to find more information about projects you are interested in.

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Long Point Wetland Vegetation and Fish

Linda Mortsch; Susan Doka, Peter Deadman, Raymond Cabrera, Erin Gertzen, Charles K. Minns

Water-level impacts on wetland vegetation and fish communities in the Long Point area, northern Lake Erie
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Long Point and Saginaw Bay Wetland Birds

Gerald Niemi; Robert Howe

Water-level regime impacts on habitat area for thirteen wetland-associated bird species, including four species-at-risk
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St. Marys River Ecosystem Evaluation

Mark Bain; Scudder Mackey, Ashley Moerke, Geoffrey Steinhart, Kristen Arend, Pariwate Varnakovida

Study of the St. Marys River environment, hydrologic impacts, and ecological protection and enhancement opportunities
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Ecosystem TWG Scoping and Strategy Development

Jan Ciborowski; Valerie Brady, Donald Uzarski, Dennis Albert, Scudder Mackey, Susan Doka, Gerald Niemi, Elaine Ruzycki, Lucinda Johnson, Joanna Kidd, Janet Keogh

Scoping and strategy development to allow assessment of the ecosystem and environmental impacts of proposed regulation plans
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Ecosystem Contextual Narrative

Donald Uzarski; Scudder Mackey

Background and characteristics of ecosystem interests and impacts of hydrologic conditions and water management decisions
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Environmental Impacts of Structures in the St. Clair River

Scudder Mackey;

Investigation of environmental impacts of restoring Lake Michigan-Huron water levels using structures in the St. Clair River
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Integrated Ecosystem Response Model

Joseph DePinto; Scudder Mackey, Todd Redder

Development of the Integrated Ecosystem Response Model to quantify relationships between water levels and ecological response
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Ecosystem TWG Synthesis and Summary

Scudder Mackey;

Summary of strategy and methods used to assess potential ecological implications of proposed Lake Superior regulation plans
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Future Economic Scenarios

John Hoehn; Mitchell Horrie, Mark Dunning

Economic scenarios for the upper Great Lakes region for the next 40 years developed for adaptive management purposes.
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Future Environmental Scenarios

Scudder Mackey;

Environmental scenarios to help anticipate and respond to unforeseen ecological events that may impact the Great Lakes
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