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The science and research conducted as part of the International Upper Great Lakes Study was essential to support the Study Board's key findings and recommendations.  A list of projects is provided below.  Use the filters provided to help find what you're looking for, and select "View Details" to find more information about projects you are interested in.

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St. Clair - Detroit Rating Equations

David Fay; Holly Kerslake

To investigate river conveyance, analysis was conducted on flow measurement data since 1964 and new ratings developed
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St. Clair Ice Jam Modelling

Tomasz Kolerski; Hung Tao Shen

DynaRICE model was used to examine the flow and bed shear stress during the 1984 ice jam in the St. Clair River
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New Hydrometric Gauging Stations

Kevin Oberg; Eric Tauriainen, Don James, Steve Blumer, Tom Weaver, Jeanette Fooks, Brian Pessah, Pat McCurry, Herman Goertz, John Koschik, Thomas Dankert, Paul Taylor, Phil Ross

New hydrometric gauging stations were installed on the upper Great Lakes connecting channels to improve flow measurements
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St. Clair Quaternary Geology Synthesis

Tom Morris;

Summary of post-glacial formation, history, Quaternary stratigraphy and materials in vicinity of the St. Clair River
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St. Clair Quaternary Geologic Framework

David Foster; Jane Denny

A geophysical survey of the upper St. Clair River was conducted to determine the Quaternary geologic framework of the region
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Underwater Video, Flow and Sediment Transport Surveys

Bomanna G. Krishnappan;

Under-water bed video and flow/sediment transport measurements of the St. Clair River to assess bed stability and conveyance
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Multi-beam Echo Sounder and ADP Mapping

James Best; Jonathan Czuba, Kevin Oberg, Daniel Parsons

Combined multi-beam echo sounder and acoustic Doppler profiler mapping of the upper St Clair River for sediment studies
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Critical Shear Stress Analysis of Clay Sediment Sample

Marcelo Garcia; Jose Mier

Laboratory experiments to determine critical shear stress and analysis as to its ability to cause erosion in St. Clair River
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St. Clair - Detroit Dredging & Compensation History

Ralph Moulton; Scott Thieme

Chronology and discussion of past dredging projects and changes in the St. Clair - Detroit River for navigation purposes
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Navigation Impact on St. Clair River Bed

Jennifer Waters;

Review of possible causes and mechanisms of bedform formation in the upper St. Clair River
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