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The science and research conducted as part of the International Upper Great Lakes Study was essential to support the Study Board's key findings and recommendations.  A list of projects is provided below.  Use the filters provided to help find what you're looking for, and select "View Details" to find more information about projects you are interested in.

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GLERL Component NBS

Tim Hunter; Andrew Gronewold, Anne Clites

GLERL component net basin supplies used in various studies of the water balance and impacts on Great Lakes levels and flows
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Sensitivity Analysis of Lake Erie Water Balance

Frank H. Quinn;

Lake Erie water balance analysis to determine Erie inflows and their contribution to low levels on Lake Michigan-Huron
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NBS Comparison Analysis

Frank H. Quinn;

Comparison of component and residual net basin supplies, the methods, results, uncertainty, and recommended uses.
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Changes in NBS Components and Explanatory Variables

Taha Ouarda; Eghbal Ehsanzadeh, Hadiza Saley, Naveed Khaliq, Ousmane Seidou, Christian Charron, Deborah Lee, Alain Pietroniro

Analysis of hydroclimate variables to investigate impacts of possible climate change on Great Lakes basin.
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Estimated Ice Impacts from Apparent Flow Retardation

Rob Caldwell;

Estimation of potential/actual long-term ice impacts in connecting channels using recent apparent flow retardation estimates.
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Deterministic Evaluation of Change in Huron - Erie Fall

Deborah Lee; Travis Dahl

Sensitivity analysis of channel conveyance, NBS, ice & weeds, and Superior outflow impacts on fall between Mich.-Huron & Erie
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Rationalizing Decline in Michigan-Huron Levels

Bryan Tolson;

Coordinated Great Lakes Regulation & Routing Model experiments to assess hydrologic/hydraulic factor impacts on lake levels
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Anthropogenic Changes to Upper Lakes Levels

Frank H. Quinn;

Data analysis and computer modelling to holistically assess impacts of anthropogenic changes on Great Lakes levels.
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Direct Observations of Evaporation

Chris Spence; Peter Blanken, Newell Hedstrom

Instruments were installed on lakes Superior and Huron to collect meteorological data for the purpose of measuring evaporation
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Upper Lakes 1860-1899 NBS

Frank H. Quinn;

A methodology was developed to derive residual NBS estimates from historical data for the period 1860-1899
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