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The science and research conducted as part of the International Upper Great Lakes Study was essential to support the Study Board's key findings and recommendations.  A list of projects is provided below.  Use the filters provided to help find what you're looking for, and select "View Details" to find more information about projects you are interested in.

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Rec Boating & Tourism Economic Analysis

Allan Douglas; Glenn Warren, Bill Boik

Water level impacts on recreational boating expressed as economic loss from damages, adaptations and lost slip revenue.
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Tourism Assessment as Influenced by Water Levels

D'Arcy McKittrick;

Survey and assessment of economic impact of water levels on tourist-dependent business at selected Great Lakes sites.
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Recreational Boating Coping Zones

Glenn Warren; Bill Boik

Coping zones were defined as a range of water levels that affect recreational boating interests by various degrees.
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Recreational Boating Performance Indicators

Glenn Warren; Bill Boik

Performance indicators for evaluating impacts of water levels on recreational boating and tourism interest.
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Recreational Boating Synthesis and Summary

Glenn Warren; Allan Douglas, Bill Boik

Summary and synthesis of recreational boating, tourism and cruise ship interests and the impacts of water levels and flows
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Coastal Zone Scoping and Methodology

W. F. Baird & Associates; Scott Thieme, Christian Stewart, CDM-Smith, Geomorphic Solutions, Mike Shantz, Eric Tauriainen

Initial scoping activities to develop a framework for generating coastal zone performance indicators.
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Coastal Zone Theme Reports

W. F. Baird & Associates;

State-of-knowledge summary documents describing erosion, low water, shore protection, and flooding.
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Coastal Zone Site Selection

W. F. Baird & Associates; CDM-Smith

Site selection process to test water level regulation coastal zone impacts using a range of evaluation criteria.
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Coastal Zone Study Site Characterization

Mike Shantz; Eric Tauriainen

Efforts to document further site characteristics for the priority areas within the Coastal Zone site selection process.
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Low Water Impact Analysis

R. Don Morris; Mike Shantz, Eric Tauriainen, Mark Dunning, Donielle Jordan, Timothy Feather

Low water activities undertaken to support coastal zone performance indicator development.
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