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Below you can find information and download some of the key datasets created and used by the International Upper Great Lakes Study.  Additionally, there are more specific datasets available within the individual project pages.

Detroit River Discharge Measurements (1962-2006)
Detroit River discharge measurements and corresponding water levels (1962-2006)
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USGS Geophysical Survey Data (2008)
Geophysical and Sampling Survey Data for the Upper St. Clair River collected in 2008 by the USGS
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EC St. Clair River Bed Videos and Images (2006-2008)
Environment Canada St. Clair River Bed Videos and Images (2006-2008)
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St. Clair - Detroit River HPG Flows
St. Clair and Detroit River Flow Estimates From Hydraulic Performance Graphs (Schmidt et al, 2009)
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Stannard Rock Daily Meteorological and Energy Flux Data
Meteorological and energy flux data from Jun. 2008 to Sep. 2011 at Stannard Rock on Lake Superior to measure evaporation.
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Paleo-Reconstructed NBS
Paleo-reconstructed monthly net basin supply data developed using a stochastic framework
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Future NBS and Lake Levels: Angel and Kunkel (2010) Re-analysis Results
Raw and re-analyzed data from Angel and Kunkel (2010), including monthly NBS for the 1961-1990 and 2041-2070 time slices
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Future NBS and Lake Levels: CRCM Downscaling Results
Monthly NBS and lake levels for 1961-2000 and 2041-2070 time slices from Ouranos and high-resolution versions of CRCM
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MESH Back Projection (MBP) NBS Data
Environment Canada's MESH model component NBS data back-projected to 1948 using GLERL component NBS, with a comparison
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Historical and Future Simulated NBS Data using CHARM
Net basin supplies simulated for the historical (1964-2000) and future (2043-2070) periods using CHARM
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