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Public Interest Advisory Group

Public participation is a critical element of the Study and is vital for its success since new regulatory options will be evaluated based on potential benefits to affected interests as well as the upper Great Lakes system as a whole. To this end, the International Joint Commission created the Public Interest Advisory Group (PIAG) --a forum to advise on and support public involvement activities. The PIAG is charged with providing advice and guidance to the Study Board on planning and managing public participation activities, disseminating information to the public and improving the effectiveness of consultation processes in connection with the Study.

With equal representation from Canada and the United States, PIAG members are appointed by the IJC for terms of two or three years. PIAG includes representatives of the many constituent groups that are concerned with, or affected by, Great Lakes water levels.

Members are drawn from:

  • Coastal Property Owners
  • First Nation and Native American Interests
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Commercial navigation and Hydropower Industries
  • Recreational Boating and Tourism
  • Water Users such as Municipal Governments