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Study Board

Study BoardThe 10-member Study Board Applicant was appointed by the IJC in 2007 and is responsible for the overall planning and management of the Study. The Board is charged with undertaking the studies required to provide the IJC with the information necessary to evaluate options for regulating levels and flows in the Upper Great Lakes system to benefit affected interests and the system as a whole. In addition to preparing and disseminating two comprehensive scientific reports (one that specifically addresses the St. Clair River and one that focuses on the Lake Superior Regulation Plan), the Study Board provides semiannual progress reports to the IJC.

The Study Board is comprised of an equal number of relevant experts from Canada and the United States that serve in their personal and professional  capacities. Two co-chairs (one from each country) take a leadership role in planning and implementing the work of the Study Board while two co-managers (one from each  country) are responsible for managing the day to day financial and administrative operations. The co-chairs of the Public Interest Advisory Group also serve on the Study Board.