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The International Upper Great Lakes Study represents the final product of a bi-national team effort spanning more than five years.  More than 200 scientists, engineers, planners and technical experts drawn from a wide range of disciplines and from governments, academia and the private sector, contributed to the Study’s planning, applied research and analysis.  Their efforts and professionalism helped produce a comprehensive Study based on sound science and peer-reviewed analysis.

To help preserve the excellent work this group of experts conducted and the data and information they helped produce, each of the science and technical projects that were conducted as part of the IUGLS have been archived and made available through this website.  This includes the final reports, models, presentation and key datasets used and produced by the IUGLS.

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You can also browse through the many key datasets that were developed or used during the IUGLS, and also see the results of the Independant Peer Review process that was conducted, a crucial aspect of the IUGLS.

Additional Data and Information

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