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St. Clair River State Space Modelling
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St. Clair Ice Jam Modelling

Potential ice impacts on the conveyance of the St. Clair River

Spyros Beltaos;
The potential of the 1984 ice jam to cause an increase in conveyance in the St. Clair River via bed erosion was examined by reviewing available data and past literature. In part because the St. Clair River is not a "normal" river from a hydraulic perspective, it was concluded that while the 1984 ice jam may have been responsible, available evidence was not sufficient to conclude that it was indeed the cause of the erosion. Additional modelling of the ice jam was recommended.
Potential Impacts of 1984 Ice Jam on St. Clair River
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St. Clair River
Questions We Asked
What's causing the declining head difference?
Has St. Clair conveyance changed, and if so, what were the causes?
Key Findings
St. Clair River has changed, accounting for 7-14 cm of total head decline
Evidence suggests St. Clair erosion is not ongoing, but causes remain unknown
Remedial measures should not be taken in the St. Clair
St. Clair River Hydraulics Analysis