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Statistical and Spatial Analysis of Bathymetric Data for the St. Clair River 1971-2007

David Bennion;
Bathymetric data collected in the St. Clair River spanning 36 years were analyzed to address questions concerning ongoing geomorphic processes in the river. Comparisons of recent high-resolution datasets covering the upper river indicate a highly variable, active environment. Although statistical and spatial comparisons of the datasets showed some changes to channel size and shape have taken place, uncertainty associated with various survey methods and interpolation processes limited the statistical certainty of the results. The methods used to spatially compare the datasets are sensitive to small variations in position and depth that are within the range of measurement and interpolation uncertainty associated with the datasets. Data characteristics such as measured point density and the range of values surveyed can also influence the results. With due consideration of these limitations, apparently active and ongoing areas of elevation change in the river were mapped and discussed.
St. Clair River Bathymetric Data Analysis
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St. Clair River Channel Bathymetry
Upper St. Clair River Bathymetry
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St. Clair River
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Has St. Clair morphology changed since 1962, what initiated it, and when?
What's causing the declining head difference?
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Has St. Clair conveyance changed, and if so, what were the causes?
Key Findings
St. Clair River has changed, accounting for 7-14 cm of total head decline
Evidence suggests St. Clair erosion is not ongoing, but causes remain unknown
Remedial measures should not be taken in the St. Clair
St. Clair River Hydraulics Analysis
St. Clair River Sediment Regime Analysis